Now go to
1.. Click on My Places. If you want to save your map as shown in the tutorial above, you will need to login to Google. Otherwise, click on "get directions" to begin this activity.
Google Maps.png
2. Now it's time to get directions from your home to school. Click the "get directions" button.
3. On line A, type your home address. On line B, type the address for your school.
4. Click the blue, "Get Directions" button to see your route.
5. Take a screenshot of your map showing the route and paste it into a word processing document and save it titled "my map" in your file space.
6. Investigate "relative location" and write a sentence describing the relative location of your home on this map in your document.
7. The next step is to find your"absolute location."
  • *Right-click (or on a mac control-click) on the marker for your home. home marker.jpg
  • * Click on "what's here" what's here.jpg and find the GPS coordinates in the search bar. Here's an example of what to look for (48.858482,2.294413)
: coordinates.jpg
8. Add a sentence to your document stating your "absolute location" in latitude and longitude in Degrees, Minutes & Seconds.
9. Now it's time to compare your different modes of transportation. Use your document to take notes as you complete the following directions:
  • A. On the Google maps web page, click on the car icon, and see how long it will take to travel from home to school. Write this information in your document.
  • B. Repeat step A using the icons for public transportation, walking and biking. Include this information in your document.
Note: If public transportation is not available in your area, write in your document that "public transportation is not available".
* BONUS: Using the GPS coordinates shown in the Step 9 examples, find the location and what is located there. Add this information to your document.

Completing this Quest
Save your results in a Word document in the 8th grade tech folder. Remember, if you're posting this on a blog or other website, don't include screenshots or the latitude and longitude for your home address or any other personal information. Just share your results.