May 25th:
  • Work Day! Last Day in Class!!!

May 21st-23rd:
  • I have been checking your pages, if changes are needed I wrote on the discussions on that certain page -
  • Pages I have checked: Powerful Presentations and Screencasting
    • Alec, Josh, Jordan, Dalton I cannot find your Powerful Presentations page
    • Colt, Vicki, Mike, Carter, Josh, Jordan, BJ, Hope I cannot find your Screencasting page
    • for some reason glogster was not working this weekend and I couldn't view most of them, so I will double check today
    • I will not grade for the game design or the final grade until May 31st, the rest should be done
    • This is your time to add anything to you wiki to make it worth an A - remember A is an outstanding grade which is more than the minimum required!

May 14th:
There are only 6 classes left including today!!!!
Your final project is to make sure your 21 Things starting from INTERACTIVE LEARNING

May 9th:

FYI -your Video Creation Page should have 2 videos embedded on it

1 is a video of anything you want
the other is a video about internet safety
Jenni, Josie, and Josh are the only ones finished, they are the only ones who can gmail chat and listen to music.
If you have questions on how to something ask one of them.

21 Things - Screencasting
Try this, you don't even have to sign up!
For Vimeo if the 8th grade Vimeo isn't allowing you to upload more movies let me know and I will have you log in under a different user name.

May 7th:
21 Things - Screencasting

April 30th:
21 Things - Search Strategies

April 25th-27th:
21 Things - Powerful Presentations
Check out this fun Web2.0 resource

April 23rd:
21 Things - Powerful Presentations

Apr 16th-20th:
21 Things - Video Creation
If you made your Video with Movie Maker and have not uploaded it to Vimeo follow the instructions from Apr 13th
If you have made your video and already uploaded it to Vimeo this is what you need to do:
  • Log in to Vimeo
  • Find where you can get the "embed code" - it might say src code
  • Put that code into a widget in your wiki
  • You may work together to figure out how to do this

Apr 13th:
21 Things - Video Creation
If you made your Video with Movie Maker follow these instructions:
  • Part 1
    • Open your Movie Maker file
    • Click the blue File button next to the Home tab
    • Click SAVE MOVIE
    • click recommended for this project
    • Save it in your P drive or flash drive
    • Your name should be in the file name when you save it
  • Part 2
    • Log onto Vimeo
    • Username:
    • Password: - I will tell you in class
      • click refresh if the page isn't loading
    • Click upload video
    • choose file to upload
    • The only thing you should do is upload your video - please don't do anything else on this site

Apr 11th:
21 Things- Video Creation - first video due on Friday

Apr 4th:
21 Things- Video Creation - Remember the first video is about internet safety and/or digital citizenship for 3rd-5th graders

Apr 2nd:
21 Things- Video Creation
Today is the last day of the grading period
Make sure you are caught up through Mobile Computing before you work on Video creation
Remember your first video needs to be about online safety or digital citizenship

Mar 30th:
  • Mrs. King is your sub for today
  • No Gmail Chat today
  • You may use headphones
  • Catch up on your "Things" before you start working on Video Creation

Mar 28th:
  • No headphones or Gchat, unless you are finished with Mobile Computing
  • 21 Things- Video Creation

Mar 26th:
- Sorry Hope :)

21 Things- Mobile Computing - Part 2

Mar 21st - 23rd:

Mar 19th:

Mar 12th - 14th:

Mar 12th:
  • 21 Things- Work Day
  • If you are done:
    • Clean up your P Drive
      • Make folders for classes that you use the computers on
      • make subfolders if needed
      • Move any files that are your that are just on the computer into appropriate folders on your P drive
      • Delete any unnecessary files or folders
    • Work on stuff from another class

Mar 9th:
  • 21 Things- Career Prep - Part 2 - Finish part 2
  • Work on part 3

Mar 7th:
  • 21 Things- Career Prep - Part 2 - You will have homework for Friday
  • If you finish everything but your homework: World Math Day

Mar 5th:
  • 21 Things- Career Prep - Part 1
  • If you finish Part 1, play the Career Interestgame
  • Work on parts of your Portfolio that aren't finished yet - what you sent me on Friday has not been graded yet
    • If you finish something new email to let me know

Feb 27th:
  • Catch up day - many of you are not caught up - that is what you need to do
  • Gmail chat and Music can only be use if you are all caught up
    • That means you are finish with:
    • Interactive Learning - graded on renweb - email me when you finish this page to be regraded
    • Digital Images - graded on renweb - email me when you finish this page to be regraded
    • Productivity Suite (this page is worth 15pts instead of 10pts because of the 3 different activities) not graded yet
    • Dig the Data - not graded yet
  • If you are finished - refresh you memories with Scratch - We will be using this for our very last "Thing"

Feb 15th:

Feb 13th:

Feb 8th:
  • 21 Things - Productivity Suite - Google Spreadsheets

Feb 8th:
  • 21 Things - Productivity Suite - Google Presentations

Feb 6th:

Feb 3rd:
  • Work Day
    • Work on Interactive Learning Pages and Digital Images pages
    • If you finish create a new logo in Gimp to use on your wikispaces

Feb 1st:
  • 21 Things- Digital Images
    • Gimp and other free image manipulation sites
  • Friday will be a work day

Jan 30th:

Jan 18th:
  • Work Day

Jan 16th:
  • 21 Things - Work on all the pages for your FINAL

Jan 13th:
  • 21 Things- Learning Online
    • movie and class discussion

Jan 11th:

Jan 9th:

Jan 6th:

Jan 4th:
  • 21 Things
  • Creative Commons Video
  • Audacity intro
    • how to export and upload to wiki

Jan. 2nd:
  • Take the first few minutes to check over your porfolio
  • If you have things to change it should be in red on your pages
  • When you have finished all your changes and are up to date email me to let me know - delete the red text too
  • 21 Things- Be Fair and Legal
    • copyright and fair use video
    • plagiarism video

December 16th:
  • Work Day

December 14th:
  • On the Digital citizenship page - Discuss messaging and texting using a web 2.0 tool. What acronyms do you use? Do you think it is good to know a lot of different acronyms, why or why not? Create a message using acronyms.
  • Can you read this?
    • hi agn, AFAIK w'v break real sn now. IMHO dis S gr8! OTTOMH we won’t av hmwrk frm dis cls. Unl u didn't Fnish n cls W ll d wrk tym. U ll hav 2DIY on yr own tym.
      fyi GA n wrk on it @ hm 2 mke sure ur cort^ aftr break. IAC, Ull B graded thru d troubleshooting page, so mke sure ur done thru dat b4 u leaV on fri, IYKWIM. - Click here to see what it says
  • Work on your all your pages!!! They will all be graded over break - download a copy of what should be on your page from the 21 Things page.

December 12th:

December 9th:
  • 21 Things - Finish Troubleshooting page
  • If you are finished:
    • Check out how to make special characters with the alt key another one
      • Make sure Num Lock is on and use the keypad on the right side of your keyboard
    • Viruses - whats the difference between malware and viruses and worms?
    • Stuxnet Virus
    • Blog

December 7th:
  • 21 Things- Make sure all of your pages are up to date - use the example for help
  • How are you doing on the troubleshooting page?

December 5th:
  • Work on Troubleshooting

December 2nd:
  • Take the first few minutes to check your portfolio and make sure it is up to date.
  • 21 Things- Make sure all of your pages are up to date
  • Troubleshooting - we will be watching some videos - you might want to take notes

November 30th:
  • Check out the 21 Things Portfolio Example
  • Make sure yours is simlar and you have all the pages
  • Add to each page what is required - check out the items in red, which you might not have

November 28th:

November 21st:
  • Half of you followed all the directions from Friday - this reflects in your grade
  • 21 Things- Digital Footprint
    • Please follow all directions

November 18th:

November 16th:

November 14th:
  • No Blog for the week
  • Introduction to 21 Things
    • Homework - sign up for gmail if you don't have one, or don't remember how to log on.

November 9th:
  • Blog
  • More PowerPoints to watch!

November 7th:
  • Blog
  • Watch some powerpoints
  • finish some powerpoints

November 4th:
  • PowerPoint is due at the end of class today
  • It must be saved in the shared 8th grade folder! Otherwise it wont count.
  • Finish your blog for the week

November 2nd:
  • Lisa, Jeriah, Lucy, and Alec - 1st PowerPoint must be saved to the shared drive in tech 8 folder or you will lose 50pts!
  • Blog
  • PowerPoint Animations

October 31st:
  • Everyone check your Google response for a grade - BJ, Mike and Noah - check your Google Response and finish today!!
  • Blog topic is open, if you need an idea blog about if you want to snow, why or why not.
  • PowerPoint Animation – Refresh slide transitions – question? – due on Friday, please talk to me if you think you won’t be able to finish by then

October 28th:
  • Blog
  • BJ, Victoria, and Noah save your Google response to the shared drive!!
  • Jeriah, Jenni, Lucy, Alec, Carter, Josh, and Noah save your first PowerPoint to the shared drive!
  • PowerPoint Animation
    • How far are you?

October 24th-26th:
  • Save PowerPoint from last weeks and Google Response in the Shared drive!!!
  • Blog - check your blogs for comments from me, if there is no comment then you received full credit.
  • Finish Google Responsein Word
  • PowerPoint Animation - final assignment

October 19:
  • Blog
  • Google Response in Word or google docs Google Response
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Final PowerPoint Assignment

October 17th:
  • Blog - Short week this week!!!! Any plans for this weekend?
  • PowerPoint Presentations

October 14th:
  • Blog if you need to finish
  • PowerPoint - who is presenting?
  • Is everyone done? -

October 10th-12th:
  • Blog Topic: How is your PowerPoint going? What do you like about it? What could you improve on?
  • PowerPoint
    • Who is going to present to us on Friday?
  • American Math Challenge

October 7th:

October 5th:
  • Blog: continue blog from Monday
  • PowerPoint -
    • designs and formatting backgrounds
    • Slide transitions

October 3rd:

September 28th - 30th:

September 26th:

September 23rd:

September 21st:

September 19th:

September 16th:
  • Google

September 14th:

September 12th:

September 9th:

September 7th:
Welcome to a new year!
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