ay 12

House Design Project

May 9th

If you were gone Wednesday finish Thing 18 Part 1 AND today's assignment!

Thing 18: What is the Message?

May 7

Thing 18 Part 1

May 5

If you were gone Friday, please finish your "Who Am I" assignment (Steps 3-5) and then you may start this one.

April 30th & May 2nd

Complete Steps 1 & 2 on Wednesday

Complete assignment on Friday!

April 25 & 28th

FRIDAY: Thing 16: Career Match

MONDAY: Thing 16: Build a Resume

Save all documents in the 8th Grade Tech/ Career folder

April 16

We will choose as a class either:

Easter Jeopardy


Easter Scavenger Hunt (online by yourself)

April 14

College Links Word Assignment
Needs to be done by the end of class
Save in your grade's tech folder on the shared drive

April 11

Thing 16: Your Future Plan

April 9th
Thing 15: Presentation

April 7

Thing 15: Online Learning

April 2
Thing 14: Building you PLE

March 31

Thing 14: Life Online

March 28

We are going to finish our M&M graphs
*Open your saved file
*We will calculate our mean, median, & mode and make graphs with our data

March 21

We are going to use the first 20 minutes of class (or less) to set-up our spreadsheet
*The 2nd half we will add our data to our classmates spreadsheets.*

M&M activity

March 19

Thing 13 Party Planner

March 17

1. Take this Dig the Data Quiz . The password for the quiz is dig21 . Do your best!

2. Take a screenshot of your quiz results to show your teacher.

Then work on Thing 13 Party Planner

March 14

Finish Lemonade Stand or Coffee Shop Assignment(must be done at the end of class unless you have talked to me about it)

**Make-up Day:
You can make up any Thing 13 assignments that you have not finished for partial credit, but they must be done today!

Missing Work

Spinner Assignment:
Kazmira (missing)
Tristan (not finished)
April (not finished)
Willson (not finished)
Daniel (not finished)
Nolan (not finished)
Kaitlyn (not finished)
Nathan (not finished)
Tony (not finished)

Cell Phone Assignment:

Moving on UP:

Kaitlyn (budget & graph)
Kazmira (budget & graph)

After today, these assignments will be graded as is and no make-up options will be given.

March 12

Lemonade Stand


Coffee Shop

March 10

Thing 13 Quest 1&2 need to be finished today!

March 7

Thing 13 Quest 2

March 5

Thing 13 Quest 1 Part 2

March 3

Thing 13 Quest 1

February 28

Thing 12 Parts 1 & 2 NEED TO BE DONE TODAY!
If you are finished you may get extra work to do! Use your time wisely!

February 26

Thing 12 Part 2**
*Play the turtle pond game (Step 1)
*Draw your own maze with coordinates on the graph paper provided
*Play the weather game (Step 2)
*Complete one of the crossword puzzles (Step 3)
*Choose 2 more sites to play games at (Step 4)
*Complete the review questions (listed in the instructions) about these games in a word document

Thing 12: Part 1 Should Include:

*A Picture of the map with directions from your house to the school

*A sentence with the relative location describing where you are in relation to the school (miles/direction)

*Your absolute location coordinates along with a picture of where these coordinates are on the map

*Bonus points: absolute location picture of these coordinates:


February 24

Thing 12

February 12

We are going to use Excel to create a budget with your data.
OPEN THE budgettemplate2 in the shared folder.

Insert your data and change any headings and edit it to fit what you have found.
Save it as YOURNAMEbudget in the Moving on UP folder

February 10

Create graphs for your information using the following criteria:

MEDIAN PRICE OF HOUSE: Pie Graph- include data labels (compare to Duluth at $132,673)
CRIME RATES: Bar Graph (horizontal)
horizontal bar.PNG
horizontal bar.PNG

MONTHLY TEMP AND PRECIPITATION: create a combo graph (bar/line plot)
combo graph.PNG
combo graph.PNG


February 5

Excel Assignment 3: Moving on Up (Handout from Mrs. Schroeder to be turned in at the end of class)

February 3

Excel Assignment 2: Graphing

January 31

*Finish Thing 11 (Prezzi and collaboration assignment on Google) - Make sure they have been embedded onto your wiki

*Finish Excel Assignment 1

January 29

We are going to start working with Excel
Excel Assignment 1 12 Days of Middle School
*Note that to change the page orientation you need to click on the page layout tab, orientation, landscape. (Step 1)

Save in 8th Grade Tech Folder under Excel Assignments

January 24

Finish up Thing 11 (both the Prezzi and the collaboration assignment on Google)- all of the directions are listed below!

If you would like extra credit, finish the Martin Luther King assignment and save in the 8th grade tech folder or print off and give to Mrs. Schroeder!

January 22
Thing 11 Part 2

Thing 11 Part 3

Finishing Thing 11

January 20th

Finish your Prezi today!
If you are done or finish your Prezi work on a Martin Luther King Scavenger hunt
Take this Quiz to see what you've learned!

January 13th

Continue working on your Prezi or bring materials to study for finals.

January 10th

Thing 11: Creating a Prezi

-We will watch videos on prezi as a class

Sign up for a Prezi account

Create a Prezi using instructions under 21 Things

January 8th

Thing 8 Part 1
  • Use google docs to create a document
  • Click on link on right side of screen for complete instructions
  • Upload to wiki when complete

Dec. 20

Crossword puzzles and any missing work has to be finished today for credit!

Crossword Puzzles missing from:
Grace A.

Dec. 18

Continue working on your crossword puzzles.
Remember to save a copy with answers and one without.
Talk to Mrs. Schroeder to see if you have any missing work!

Dec. 16

Work in pairs to create a Christmas crossword puzzle in Microsoft Excel.
Use the handout provided for guidance.
You can also use the internet to find examples or to help with your clues.
SAVE in the 8th grade tech folder, Crossword puzzle folder as your name(s).

Dec. 13

-Grace A.

Finish Thing 7 parts 1 & 2
Make sure you have used Creative Commons to create a license for your work

Dec. 11

Add Mrs. Schroeder to your wikipage so that I can view your work.

Thing 7 Part 2'

Dec. 9

Thing 7: Be Legal & Fair Part 1

December 6th

  • After watching the videos (there are 2 we will watch as a group), make a list in Google Docs
  • of the types of things which are hurtful that A. pre-teens/teens tell each other in person,
  • B. things they tell to someone else about someone, and C. things they post online or text.

  • Take the Cyber Safety Quiz
    • The password is cyber21
    • Take a screenshot of the quiz results and show your teacher

December 2nd

Thing 6: Internet Safety
We will watch the videos together and then you may complete the project at the bottom of the page.
Six Clicks

November 27

Thankful acrostic poem using this template

Nov. 25

I am missing posters from the following people: Noah, Alex, Kazmira, Marija
You can have the first 15 minutes of class to finish your poster and have freetime.
We will then play Thanksgiving JEOPARDY

Nov. 22

Thing 6: Internet Safety

Part 1 & 2 NEED to be done today for full points!

How to embed your voki instructions

November 20th

Internet Safety
Thing 6
Mission 1: Build a Cybershield
  • Watch video clips
  • Read the Themes of Digital Citizenship
  • Read the Rules of Netiquette
  • Create your Digital Bill of Rights- you can work with a partner
  • Here is the Rubric

If you want to read through the Bill of Rights to assist you in creating your digital Bill of Rights click on the link.

There is a resource page for a Digital Bill of Rights example. Use it as a reference, but DO NOT COPY their ideas.

November 18th:
Introduce yourself by making a poster in Microsoft Word; Tell me about your family, favorites, etc.
(points will be given for details (borders, fonts, color changes, etc.), categories (at least two categories with 3 pieces of information), use of headings, overall presentation

10 points possible

November 11th:
Work Day

November 6th:
Thing 5: Suite Tools
Part 6: Spreadsheets

November 4th:
Thing 5: Suite Tools
Part 5: Tables

October 30th:
Thing 5: Suite Tools
  • Part 4: Follow the directions about copyright and inserting an image, you will not need to add anything to your wikipage for this thing, you will just edit your Rain of Leaves Poem.

October 28th:
Thing 5: Suite Tools
  • Part 3 - uploading and printing from google drive

October 25th:
Thing 5: Suite Tools
  • Part 2 - Word Processing in Google Docs

October 23rd:
  • Work Day

October 21st:
  • Thing 20 missing:
    • Kaz, Tristan
  • Thing 20: Missing explanation about what you chose to screencast and why
    • Grace A., Tony, Simon, John - email me if you want to be regraded.
Thing 5: Suite Tools

October 14th:
  • Thing 4: Visual Organizer
    • Part 1

October 9th:
Thing 20: Screencasting - OUT OF ORDER

October 7th:
Tony - I still don't have access to your wiki
  • Last day to work on Thing 3
If you are finished:

October 4th:
Tony - add me as a member to your wiki!!!!
  • Make sure you have all 3 parts done with Thing 3

October 2nd:

September 30th:
  • Missing Page Thing 1 from Kaz
  • Missing Page Thing 2 from Grace A., Tony, Noah, Kaz, Anna, April
  • Missing Parts of Thing 2:
    • Link to Delicious Account: Simon, Dan, Jared, Tristan
    • Paragraph written in own words: Alex, Grace D. - need proper punctuation please, Kaitlyn - not written in own words, Simon, John, Dan, Jared, Tristan
    • Definitions for Bookmark and Tag: Simon, John, Josiah, Dan, Willson, Jared, Tristan
  • All Caught up through Thing 2: Nolan, Beth, and Marija
  • Nolan and Willson(when finished with tags)- help Simon and John
  • Kaitlyn (When finished with paragraph) - help Noah
  • Marija - help April
  • Beth - Help Kaz and Anna
  • Alex (When finished with paragraph) - help Danny
  • Josiah (When finished with paragraph) - help Jared
  • Tristan (When finished with paragraph) - help Tony
  • Grace D. (When finished with paragraph) - help Grace A

September 25th- 27th:
Danny send me a link to your wikispace - got it
  • Use the first 10 mins to finish up Thing 2
Thing 3: Part 1a and 1b, Part 2
If you are all caught up:

September 23rd:
  • Thing 2: Part 2
Dan still missing an email from you with a link to your wikispace

September 20th:

I am not added as a member Tony, Simon, John

Dan, you sent me the wrong link to your wikispace

September 18th:
Not added as a member Tony, Simon, John
Dan you sent me the wrong link

September 16th:

Intro to 21 Things

September 13th:

Searching Operators

September 11th:

September 9th:

September 6th:

September 4th: Welcome to a new year!
  • Rules
  • Expectations
  • Procedures
  • sign up for gmail if you don't have one.

21 Things:
Thing 1: Basics

Thing 2: Cloud Computing

Thing 3: Digital Footprint

Thing 20: Screencasting

Thing 4: Visual Organizers

Thing 5: Suite Tools

Thing 6: Internet Safety

Thing 7: Be Legal & Fair

Thing 11: Powerful Presentations

Creating a Prezzi

Thing 12: Part 1

Thing 13: Spinner

Thing 13: Cell Phone

Thing 13: Lemonade Stand

Thing 13: Party Planner
21Portfolio Example
Another Example
What you need on your page

Grace A.
Grace D.