Everything is Due by Wednesday, May 29th at 8:00 AM
If you need extra time in the Lab Please let me know and I will work with you to make accommodations.

May 20th:
Final Project

May 17th:
Final Project

May 15th:
Final Project

May 13th:Final Project
Intro to Final Project
  • What is Web 2.0
  • How to log into your wikipage
      • Username: LCAName Last initial
      • Password: given in class
    • how to edit page
    • how to upload and insert pictures
  • Tools today

May 8th: 10 minutes of work* Excel Assignments* second assignment is up if you finish the firstIf you are all finished take a look at the Final Project we are starting on Monday*
Look at my example sites

May 6th:**Finish presenting
  • Put in Table of Contents
  • Finish anything that needs to be done
  • difference between gif pictures and jpg pictures

May 3rd:
  • Resave your PowerPoint into the folder called 1.PowerPoint Technology in the 7th grade folder

April 29th-May 1:
We will begin presenting the future technology PowerPoint the last 10 min of class...who is ready?http://www.gcflearnfree.org/excel2013 * start with Excel Basics #4 ** Read the information
  • watch the videos
  • If you download a file save it as the file name already prepared/your name in the Excel folder
    • example - lesson 7 has an Excel file to download - make sure to click enable editing on the top - save as Copy of Lesson_7_Practice_Workbook your name

April 22nd:

April 17th:

April 15th:
  • workday

April 10th:
  • More powerpoints to watch?
  • Work on Assignment 1

April 8th:
  • Typing Web
  • PowerPoint - 15 min to work
  • View PowerPoints

April 3rd-5th:
  • Typing web - about 10 min
  • PowerPoint - animation review

March 25th:
  • Typing Web - When you finish through Bottom Row - retake the typing test
  • Remember your hands must be covered at all times unless you are taking the typing test
  • If you finish with the typing test Check out PowerPoint 2013, put together a short 3-5 slide PowerPoint about a topic of your choice

March 22nd:
Missing blog responses from Kaz and Tristan.

Keyboarding Bottom Row
When you finish:

March 18th:
  • Typing - Top Ten Goals of Keyboarding:
    1. Technique - Sitting up straight
    2. Technique - eyes are on the screen - not the keyboard
    3. Technique - Keyboard is pulled to the edge of the table
    4. Technique - Don't be lazy! Wrists are flat and not resting on the table
    5. Technique - fingers are hitting the proper keys
    6. Technique - Don't over work yourself! Elbows are at your sides and your shoulders are relaxed
    7. Technique
    8. Technique
    9. Accuracy
    10. Speed
  • What are you graded on?
    • For the first couple of weeks I will be primarily focusing on TECHNIQUE
      • If you are not practicing proper technique you will receive a low grade
    • The next part I will be looking at is Accuracy
      • Your goal should be to get 95% or above
    • The last part is Speed
      • After you learn how to use proper technique your accuracy will improve, after your accuracy will improve your speed will begin to increase
  • Assignment: Complete the Home Row Keys - 2 times
    • If you finish play the typing games on TypingWeb or the http://www.freetypinggame.net/play.asp - you can set this so you can type with just the home row.
    • Your hands must be covered with games too!!!

March 15th:
  • Watch final movie
  • Typing - How to Succeed at Keyboarding - Presentation
  • Typing Web
    • Username: 7(first initial last name) example: would be 7jojard or 7atuttle
    • Password: 2018
  • The first thing you do is take the test (this test is not graded - this is a starting point to see where you are and how much you improve)
  • Then make sure your hands are covered
  • Next Start on the Home Row Keys

Mar 8th-11th:
  • How to put a video on the flash drive
  • watch videos
  • what order should we put them in
  • what music should we add
  • anything else we should add...title etc.
  • How to put a video on the flash drive

Mar 6th:
  • World Math Day

Mar 4th:
  • Last group finish camera work
  • All videos must be finished and handed into me today on a flash drive
    • When you are finished:
    • Blog Assignment - at least 8 sentences:
      • Blog about the 3 words your group chose
      • What your group did for the project
      • What you liked about the project
      • What you think you and your group could have done better
gamestar mechanic

Feb 25th-27th-Mar 1:
  • Camera work-
    • groups that are done put your movie together in Movie Maker
    • Finish by Friday
    • Review the rubric from Feb 1st
    • Movie Maker capabilities
      • Do not have a title or credits on your 3 Words presentations that you turn into me
    • When you are finished with Movie Maker
      • Save Movie - Recommended for this Project - (save as your group members first names)
      • Save it onto a flash drive and turn it into me
    • Any groups left that need to take pics?
    • Let's start putting it together

Feb 15:
  • Camera Work - What groups are left and ready?

Feb 13th:
  • Movie Maker
  • Camera Work - Rainbow Unicorn Force

Feb 8th:
  • Speakers of Truth - Camera Work
  • Other Groups - make sure you are ready - Games
  • The Unicorn Force - your 3 words will not print off how you would like them! Change it.

Feb 6th:

Feb 1st:
  • Three words should be printed out today
  • Practice going through what you’re going to record
  • How to use cameras
  • What to do when other groups are filming
  • Noise level
  • Review Movie Maker if time

Jan 30th:
Cyberbullying presentation
group discussion

Jan 28th:

Jan 23rd-25th:
  • In 3 Words - Cyberbullying Project Discussion
  • Put into groups come up with 3 words for cyberbullying skit

Jan 21st:
Scratch Pop Quiz
Blog about your favorite thing about Scratch

Jan 7th:

Jan 4th:
Let's Try Pass it on again

Dec. 14th:

Dec 12th:
Dec. 10th:
Programming with Scratch- Day 11

Dec. 7th:
Josiah, Tristan
Danny, Jared
Nolan, Tony, Jon
Alex, Willson
Kaitlyn, Kazmira
Anna, Grace D.
Grace A, Beth, April

Dec. 5th:

Dec. 3rd:

Nov. 30th:

Nov. 28th:
  • Thank you for the great report from Mrs. Taylor
  • What did you do?
  • Intro/Review of the broadcast command
  • Programming with Scratch- Day 6

Nov. 26th:
  • Welcome back! Only 23 more days till Christmas break!
  • Please listen to all of Mrs. Taylor's instructions

  • If you would like to try to finish the game you can. Directions are on the table in small yellow packets
    • Tony you will probably have to start over from the beginning because of how your profile was logged into the computer - please don't worry about this
  • Programming with Scratch- Day 5, check here for directions

Nov. 21st:

Nov. 19:
Explore Windows 8

Nov 12th:
Programming with Scratch

Nov 9th:
  • Blog - What is programming, and what experiences do you have with programming?
    • If you do not know - look it up
  • I recommend you look at your newsletter and look at the rubric to make sure you have all the points
  • Newsletter must be saved in the shared 7th grade folder or else you will be docked severly
  • If you are finished then you can go onto the resources tab or work on other homework

Nov. 7th:
  • If you are finished print off your newsletter - staple it in order and hand it in

Nov. 5th:
  • Newsletter - Final due by Friday
  • If you are done - Have someone else look over yours
    • If you are finished and it has been checked by someone and you know that you are going to get a full 190pts on it then you can go onto the resources page.

Oct. 29th-31st-Nov 2nd:
  • Newsletter
    • Check out examples in the Newsletter Example file

Oct. 24th-26th:
  • Newsletter!
    • Page 1: Must be an Intro, anything you want can go on this page

Oct. 22:
  • Make a Newsletter!
    • inserting text boxes
    • pictures
    • word art
    • changing page color

Oct. 13th:
American Math Challenge

Oct. 11th:
  • Word Quiz - Save it as Word Quiz your name
  • American Math Challenge
  • Kaz work on finishing assignments

Oct. 10th:

Oct. 8th:

Oct. 5th:
  • Blog: Topic - How do you know that God is working in your life.
  • Make sure that you have finished the maze and the weather forcast
  • World book online

Oct. 1st-3rd:
  • Missing Movie posters from:
    • Grace A., Grade D., Kaz, and April
  • Missing Makover Ad from Sept 17th from:
    • Kaz and Tristan
  • How to look at graded items
  • Default text
  • Saving a file correctly

Sept. 28th:
  • Blog:Topic of your choice, remember must be 5 sentences - need an idea? Tell us how your school year is going so far.
  • Word

Sept. 26th:
  • Movie Poster
  • If you finish, make another one or work on the desktop publishing packet

September 24th:

September 21st:
  • Finish all your word assignments
  • Next assignment: Movie Poster

September 19th:
  • Finish: Desktop Publishing Assignment
  • If you finish
    • Work on other Word assignments first
    • Try This Quiz - you wont be graded on it, I want to see what you remember
    • If you finish - Take a Desktop Publishing packet

September 17th:

September 14th
  • Important Computer info
  • Blogging:
    • What is blogging for?
    • Log in to your new blog and blog about anything you know about computers.
    • Each blog should be at least 5 sentences long

September 10th-12th:
  • Review Ribbon parts
Create a one page print advertisement/flyer/poster for a product you would like to market or a business you would like to advertise. You will use Microsoft Word to create your document. It must fit on one page. Your ad/flyer/poster will need to meet the following requirements:
r Put your name on the flyer. Use the Header/Footer feature. Don’t forget to close the Header and Footer window when you’re done. (INSERT – HEADER)
r Place the name of the product & a slogan/saying on the ad/flyer/poster. - This can be made up
r You must use at least two different font colors (color of the text). Click CTRL – D to edit your fonts. You can change the size, shape, colors, etc.
r You must use at least one graphic. (INSERT – CLIPART)
r Put a border around your flyer. (PAGE LAYOUT – PAGE BORDER)
r Add anything else that is important to put on the flyer (address of business, phone number, website, etc.)
r Save the assignment in the s drive as "your name ad"

September 5th-7th: Welcome to a new year!
  • Rules
  • Expectations
  • Procedures
  • Blogs
Whole Class
Class Blogs
Login and password the same as last year
-new students login: first initial last name
-password: 2018

TypingWeb Typing Games:

Grace A.
Grace D.
Mrs. Salo
Mrs. Salo1