Good Luck with finals this week!

January 5th, 7th, and 10th:
Final Blog: What you did (are doing) for your final Scratch project. What you like about scratch. What you think was hard about scratch. Add anything you think is relevant. Must be at least 5 sentences. Worth 15 pts.

Scratch - Work on Final project - If finished save it to the shared drive with your name(s) in the title so I know who created it.

If you are finished work on other homework or try these sites: - to design the interior and exterior of a house - an easy beginning programming game
Or any of the links to the right.

Happy New Year!
January 3rd:
Blog: Tell me about your break
Scratch - Final Project Due before next Friday, If you are finished make sure it is saved in your p drive
If finished - Try Starlogo

December 15:
No Blog
MS Word - How to do an APA Paper

If Time Scratch

December 13:
No Blog
Class Discussions
Using and saving to the p drive

Scratch Project work

December 10th:
Blog Topic: Open

Scratch: Final project discussion, Proposal for project due
Search and for project ideas.

December 8th:
Blog Topic: What do you like about scratch? What do you not like about scratch?

Whole class: Scratch tutorials Scratch 3, Unit 3

Brain storm game or interactive story for final project

December 6th:
Blog Topic: Open

Scratch - Work on finishing any projects you need to and save them to the tech folder with you name included as part of the project name

December 3rd:
Blog Topic: What is your story or play about in scratch?

Scratch - Final day to work on Story Telling Assignment - Save to tech folder as your name
File-save as-computer-s-tech 7-Story

December 1st:
Blog Topic: How is this quarter going for you? How about your science project? Write about something that has to do with school.

Scratch - Michael save your Turkey game in the shared drive Tech 7 folder

Story Telling Assignment - continue to work on this

November 29th:
Blog Topic: What do you look forward to when you come to school? Do you like some classes or seeing your friends? What don't you look forward to?

Scratch - Alec and Michael save your Turkey game as your name into the shared drive Tech 7 folder
Whole Class - How to make sprites have a conversation
Assignment - Create a 3 act play using scratch

November 22nd:
Blog Topic: How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Create a scratch program that animates a turkey - Due Wednesday when class is finished
Is your turkey going to do or say something?
How is it going to move?
Is it going to be a game or a story?
Must include 4 items from this list:
· Changing backgrounds
· Changing costumes
· More than one sprite
· One sprite must be created by you
· One sprite must be able to move using the arrow keys
· One sprite must broadcast and another sprite must receive the broadcast
Save it in the shared 7 Tech file in the Scratch Turkey folder

November 19th:
Blog Topic: Open Blog

Whole Class: Scratch - create a game

November 16th:
Blog Topic: Open blog - and catch up on your other blogs - There should be blogs from Nov. 1st, 3rd, 5th and 10th.

Whole Class: Scratch - creating games

Individual: Create a mini game in scratch

November 15th:
Blog topic: No blog Today, log on - open scratch and turn off monitor

Whole Class: Scratch - changing effects of sprites, adding sounds - changing backgrounds - movements,etc.

Individual: Create a program that changes the background

November 10th:
Blog Topic: The speaker in chapel today talked about prized possessions. What is your prized posession and why?

Whole Class: Making sprites animated

Individual: Create an animated sprite of your own

November 8th:
Blog Topic: No blog today, open Scratch and shut off computer

Whole Class: Scratch presentation and making scripts together

Individual: Create your own scripts and programs, have them checked off

November 5th:
Blog Topic: Open topic - must be appropriate

More scratching to do

November 3rd:
Blog Topic:
Have you been on a mission trip before? Where did you go, what did you do? What did you think about the presentation in chapel today? Do you think you want to go?

Whole Class - Creating a program in scratch
  • Making a program on your own following instructions

November 1st:
Blog Topic: What do you know about computer programming? What is computer programming?

Whole Class - Intro to programming - What do computer programs do?
  • Scratch Intro
  • Scratch Game examples
When You Are Done: