May 23rd:
Final Project - DUE FRIDAY BEFORE CLASS!! So we can view them in class.

May 20th:
Final Project - DUE FRIDAY BEFORE CLASS!! So we can view them in class.
  • Let's go over the Rubric -
  • I am missing several Questionnaires!!!
  • You should just be putting on the final touches now - please ask me if you need help with anything, there is not much time left now!
  • If/When you finish:
  • Blog: About the school year, highs and lows, fun things and not so fun things, your favorite parts and your not so favorite parts, and what your plans are for this summer.

May 14th:
Final Project
Make Belief Comix

May 11th:
Typing Test
Final Project

May 9th:
Final Project

May 7th:
Final Project
  • How to upload pics onto wiki
  • How to embed objects onto wiki
  • Tools today

May 4th:7thsched.JPG
Intro to Final Project
  • What is Web 2.0
  • How to log into your wikipage
      • Username: LCAName Last initial
      • Password: given in class
    • how to edit page
    • how to upload and insert pictures
  • Tools today

Apr. 30th:
Typingweb -
PowerPoint - View

Apr. 27th:
Typingweb - Learn to bust a capital letter - Finish this lesson, go to the next capital letter lesson
PowerPoint - done Today - We will watch them on Monday and start something new
If you are finished Ribbon Hero

Apr. 25th:
  • Typingweb - Learn to bust a capital letter
  • PowerPoint - done by Friday

Apr. 23rd:
    • Typingweb
    • PowerPoint - Table of contents, works cited page

Apr. 20th:
  • Typingweb - Take the test
  • PowerPoint - continue working, we will go over table of contents on Monday

Apr. 18th:
  • Typingweb
  • PowerPoint - make sure you sheet is filled out before starting your PowerPoint

Apr. 16th:

Apr. 13th:
  • Typingweb - start from where last left off and continue on until I tell you to stop
  • PowerPoint
    • Finish your PowerPoint today - remember simple and only has to be 5 can be more

Apr. 11th:

Apr. 3rd:
  • Typingweb - Work all the way through Beginner Wrap Up

Apr. 2nd:
  • Discussion
  • Typingweb - Test - Hands are not covered during the test, but your are grading on proper finger placement and not staring down at the keyboard
  • When you finish make sure you are caught up with Easy Home Row Words
  • Begin Easy Top Row Words

Mar 30th:

Mar 28th:

Mar 26th:
  • Take the Typing Test - hands uncovered - but you are graded on technique
    • you should be concentrating on using the correct fingers hitting the correct keys and not staring down at you hands - This is more important than speed!
    • If you finish move on to Home Row and Beyond - with your hands covered

Mar 23rd:
  • Finish through the Bottom Row
  • Make sure Home Row, Top Row, and Bottom Row are finished to 100%
  • Typing Games

Mar 21st:
  • Everyone must type with their hands covered from now on
    • After you finish the Top Row Keys - move onto the Bottom Row Keys
      • You need to be completely finished with Home Row, Top Row, and Bottom Row to play games
    • When you finish play ONLY TYPING GAMES, hands do not have to be covered yet for these
      • games are on the right side of this page or on TypingWeb

Mar 19th:
  • Review Goals and what is being grading on keyboarding
  • Everyone must type with their hands covered from now on
    • After you finish the Home Row Keys - the second time around - move onto the Top Row Keys
    • When you finish play ONLY TYPING GAMES, hands do not have to be covered yet for these
      • games are on the right side of this page or on TypingWeb

Mar 16th:
  • Typing - Top Ten Goals of Keyboarding:
    1. Technique - Sitting up straight
    2. Technique - eyes are on the screen - not the keyboard
    3. Technique - Keyboard is pulled to the edge of the table
    4. Technique - Don't be lazy! Wrists are flat and not resting on the table
    5. Technique - fingers are hitting the proper keys
    6. Technique - Don't over work yourself! Elbows are at your sides and your shoulders are relaxed
    7. Technique
    8. Technique
    9. Accuracy
    10. Speed
  • What are you graded on?
    • For the first couple of weeks I will be primarily focusing on TECHNIQUE
      • If you are not practicing proper technique you will receive a low grade
    • The next part I will be looking at is Accuracy
      • Your goal should be to get 95% or above
    • The last part is Speed
      • After you learn how to use proper technique your accuracy will improve, after your accuracy will improve your speed will begin to increase
  • Assignment: Complete the Home Row Keys - 2 times
    • First without your hands covered
    • Second with your hands covered
  • If you finish play the typing games on TypingWeb or the Games to the right (only typing games)

Mar 14th:
  • Typing - How to Succeed at Keyboarding - Presentation
  • Typing Web
    • Username: 7(first initial last name) example: would be 7jojard or 7bpappas
    • Password: 2017
  • The first thing you do is take the test (this test is not graded - this is a starting point to see where you are and how much you improve)
  • Next Start on the Home Row Keys

Mar 12th:
  • Make sure to finish the Blog Assignment from last week
  • We will be watching each other's videos and putting them together - please be appropriate and respectful

Mar 9th:
  • videos must be finished and handed into me today on a flash drive
  • When you are finished:
  • Blog Assignment - at least 8 sentences:
    • Blog about the 3 words your group chose
    • What your group did for the project
    • What you liked about the project
    • What you think you and your group could have done better
  • Check out this site on Internet Safety

Mar 7th:
  • Review Rubric
  • Save Movie onto flash drive
  • Start putting it together
  • If your group is finished: World Math Day

Mar 5th:
  • Talk about returned tests
  • Review the rubric
  • Movie Maker capabilities
    • Do not have a title or credits on your 3 Words presentations that you turn into me
  • When you are finished with Movie Maker
    • Save Movie - Recommended for this Project - (save as your group members first names)
    • Save it onto a flash drive and turn it into me
  • Any groups left that need to take pics?
  • Let's start putting it together

Feb 27th:
  • Turn in Tests -
    • if you forgot to take them home bring them back on Wed. to redo it -
    • if you were absent on Friday - Take the test home and use any resources you may have (i.e. computers, parents, your own knowledge) and redo the test, bring it back by Friday.
    • I will not ask for them so if they are not turned in your grade will reflect the current amount wrong.
  • Talk about group rotations into hallway
  • What should group be doing in the room

Feb 13th:
  • Your 3 words need to be printed out or made before you can begin to film
  • Intro to movie maker and how to upload pics from cameras
  • Only one group in hall at a time
  • 1 camera is available today - please be safe and respectful

Feb 10th:

Feb 8th:
  • Project Discussion
  • How to use cameras
  • How to fill out sheet
  • What to do when other groups are filming
  • Noise level

Feb 6th:
  • Cyberbullying- character videos from Fri. - More discussion
  • Group Work

Feb 3rd:
  • Cyberbullying
  • Discss Group Project

Feb 1st:
  • In three words

Jan 18th:
  • Work Day

Jan 11th:
  • Finsh up the Maze
  • add a level on your own
  • add a you win part when someone finishes - your game should be winable
  • Scratch Final

Jan 9th:
  • Maze
Jan 6th:
  • Watch Pass it on scratch
  • Discuss Final project

Jan 4th:
  • Scratch Discussion
  • Pass it on

Jan 2nd:
  • Review Projects
  • New Scratch project - Pass it On

December 16th:
  • Scratch - group project
  • Whether you finish or not, save in Tech 7 Scratch folder

December 14th:
  • Scratch - partner project, due on Friday
  • a story about Christmas - include:
    • animation
    • dialogue
    • broadcast

December 12th:
  • Scratch - Broadcast
    • Assigned partner project
    • Create a story about Christmas - include:
      • animation
      • dialogue
      • broadcast

December 9th:
  • Blog - make sure it is finished for the week
  • Scratch - adding sound or music
    • Finish Broadcast assignment
      • Make sure that there are three separate broadcast and another sprite or the background is receiving the broadcast - ask questions if you don't understand
        • This must be saved as bd(yourname) in the tech7 scratch folder or you will not receive credit
    • If you are finished play around on scratch, make a game or a movie, or something involving scratch

December 7th:
  • Blog
  • Scratch - Review broadcast
    • Redo broadcast assignment and save in shared scratch folder as bd yourname

December 5th:
  • Blog - something about scratch - what you like and don't like
  • Scratch - Using the pen

December 2nd:
  • Scratch Projects

November 30th:
  • Scratch - Broadcast, sound
  • Assignment 3 - Due Today

November 28th:
  • Double check that your assignment 2 is saved to the shared drive as your name
  • Assignment 3 -

November 21st:
  • Blog - Open topic
  • Open up your Assignment 1 and save it to the (new) Scratch folder in the Shared Drive Tech7 folder
  • New Scratch Assignment

November 18th:
  • Blog: finish
  • Intro and review of the broadcast command
  • Scratch Finish assignment 1 and upload to the scratch website
  • If you are finished with assignment 1 you have time to play around on scratch

November 16th:
  • Blog: finish from Monday
  • Scratch Finish Assignment 1
  • Follow directions on how to upload them on to the scratch website

November 14th:
  • Blog: IF you were to represent yourself through pictures what pictures (list 3) would you use and why.
  • Scratch - create an animation as a class with clickable sprites - If time begin own project
  • If time at end start on Assignment 1

November 9th:
  • Blog - add to your blog from Monday
  • Scratch

November 7th:
  • Zach E., Sam E., Cody, Casey, and Ben see me about your newsletter today!!
  • Blog - what is programming, what experiences do you have with computer programming?
  • Intro to scratch

November 4th:
  • Finish your blog for the week
  • I recommend you look at your newsletter and look at the rubric to make sure you have all the points
  • Newsletter must be saved in the shared 7th grade folder or else you will be docked severly
  • If you are finished then you can go onto the resources tab or work on other homework

November 2nd:
  • Blog
  • Newsletters - Final Edited copy due on Friday
  • If you are finished and you know that you are going to get a full 90pts on it then you can go onto the resources page.

October 31st:
  • Newsletters - save the final copy to the shared 7th folder
  • Blog - topic is open, if you need an idea blog about if you want to snow, why or why not.
    • - Casey that means you too, remember 1 blog per week needs to be 5 sentences, some people forgot to blog last week!
  • Newsletters Due – View as a class – if time work on your Final Edited copy due on Friday

October 28th:
  • Blog
  • Newsletter - last day to work on in class

October 26th:
  • Blog
  • Newsletter - Due at the beginning of Class on Monday - There will be no work time on Monday, so if you are not finished at the end of class on Friday it is homework!

October 24th:
  • Check your blogs for comments from me. If you don't have a comment from me then you got full credit.
  • Blog Topic: Open
  • Work on your Newsletter!

October 19th:

October 17th:
  • Blog - What are your plans for the long weekend?
  • Make a Newsletter!
    • inserting text boxes
    • pictures
    • word art
    • changing page color

October 14th:
  • Blog if you need to finish
  • Word Quiz - save in your P DRIVE IN YOUR TECH 7 FOLDER
  • If you finish quiz go on to the resources page, you may listen to music

October 12th:
  • Blog: Work on from Monday
  • American Math Challenge
  • Missing Weather Forecast from Taylor, Cody, Anna, Ben, Ashley - needs to be saved in the tech 7 folder in the shared drive per instructions
  • Missing Maze from Zach E., Sam N., Ben, Lydia - needs to be saved in your tech 7 folder in your p drive per instructions
  • Reminder Word Quiz on Friday

October 10th:
  • Blog: What is your favorite sport and why? Do you play it? Do you watch it? How else are you involved with it? If you don't like sports then what are you interested in? What do you spend your spare time doing?
  • Finish the Maze or Weather forecast if you are not done
  • There will be an MS WORD QUIZ on Friday - we will go over what it will be on today
    • Take some time to fool around with Word if you wish
  • American Math Challenge

October 7th:

October 5th:

October 3rd:
  • Blog: Topic of your choice, remember 1 blog per week, must be 5 sentences
  • Word
    • Create a Maze by inserting a table
    • Follow Directions From: or from a paper copy (you might have to use firefox to download this)

September 28th:
  • Continue blog from Monday
  • Review some stuff in Word to help with Movie Poster - Q & A
  • Movie Poster Assignment - make sure it is saved in the p drive in your tech folder, you will not get credit if you don't follow directions
  • If you finish make another Poster and save it in your p drive

September 26th:
  • Blog topic: How has technology affected your life?
  • Missing DTP assignments from (not in your p drive): Nick, Cody, Ashley. Put them in your p drive before starting your blog! If it doesn't get in there by today you will get no credit.
  • Open your DTP assigment to check your grade
  • Movie Poster Assignment

September 23rd:
  • Blog
  • DTP assignment Discussion - Finish from Monday
  • If you finish go onto the resources tab

September 21st:
  • Take the first few minutes to add to your blog There should be one blog a week that is 5 or more sentences! 5 sentences = 5pts! Anything less you lose points
  • Some tips for using Word
  • Desktop Publishing Assignment is due by the end of class TODAY!
  • If you finish before class is over - catch up on anything that you need to

September 19th:
  • Take the first few minutes to blog about a topic of your choice
  • Missing CoverPage from their p drives: Taylor, Maya
  • Missing flyer in their p drives: Zach E., Sam N.
  • Desktop Publishing: Principles of Design
  • Desktop Publishing Assignment

September 16th:
  • CoverPage and Flyer are due by the end of class today in your p drive!

September 14th:
  • Take the first few minutes to work on your blog
  • Finish CoverPage
  • Work on Flyer
    • save it in your p drive as flyer

September 12th:
  • Blogging:
    • What is blogging for?
    • Log in to your new blog and blog about your summer.
    • Each blog should be at least 5 sentences long
  • Review Ribbon parts

~Finish Cover Page Today print it on Brother comp lab printer and hand it in.
  • ~When you are finished:
    Create a one page print advertisement/flyer/poster for a product you would like to market or a business you would like to advertise. You will use Microsoft Word to create your document. It must fit on one page. Your ad/flyer/poster will need to meet the following requirements:

    r Put your name and period on the flyer. Use the Header/Footer feature. Don’t forget to close the Header and Footer window when you’re done. (INSERT – HEADER)
    r Place the name of the product & a slogan/saying on the ad/flyer/poster.
    r You must use at least two different font colors (color of the words). Click CTRL – D to edit your fonts. You can change the size, shape, colors, etc.
    r You must use at least one graphic. (INSERT – CLIPART)
    r Put a border around your flyer. (PAGE LAYOUT – PAGE BORDER)
    r Add anything else that is important to put on the flyer (address of business, phone number, website, etc.)
    r Save the assignment in your p drive - print it out and hand it in when you are finished.

September 9th:
Whole Class:

September 7th:
Welcome to a new year!
Class Blogs
Login and password the same as last year
-new students login: first initial last name
-password: 2017

TypingWeb Typing Games:

Wiki pages:
Sam E.
Sam N.
Mrs. Salo
Mrs. Salo1