May 12

House Design Project

May 7
Missing Work:

Josh C.: College Links, Image Links, Winter
Gavin: Image Links, Texting
Madi: Image Links
Luke: Texting

We will have a Quiz on Friday on Word

May 5th
If you were gone on Friday, complete the "Texting" Assignment below first, then work on today's assignment.

Image Hyperlinks: Word

May 2nd

Texting Assignment

Save in 6th Grade Tech/Word Assignments


April 30

Ocean Data Word Assignment

April 25 & 28

FRIDAY: Complete Winter Scene Part 1

MONDAY: Complete Winter Scene Part 2

Save in 7th grade tech folder as YOURNAMEwinter

April 22

Due to many classmates being gone it is a Work Day
Bring work to class and use your time wisely

April 14th

College Links Word Assignment
Needs to be done by the end of class
Save in your grade's tech folder on the shared drive

April 11th
Make sure your Movie Maker Story is complete!
Did you include:
-Title Slide
-At least 7 pictures?

*If you are done you may have a work day. Use your time wisely!

April 9th
-Add captions to your pictures
-Add transitions(Required), music or narration (optional)
-Title Slide required
-Credit Slide Optional

April 7

Open Movie Maker
-Add pictures to your project, either search online or take pictures using your camera
-Add text to your pictures

April 2nd

Movie Maker Assignment

March 31

Weather Assignment

March 28

Create a Maze in word
-use the table tool and change the border options to create your maze
-MUST INCLUDE: a title, start/end, and a picture (clipart, etc.)



March 24

Watch commercials

March 17-21**
Work on commercials
  • Film
  • Edit in Movie Maker
  • Add any music or voiceovers

March 14
Add any finishing touches to script.
Start setting up shots
Decide where you will shoot.
Gather any materials needed.
Do a practice run before filming,

Missing Work- you can make these assignments up for partial credit or show me where you saved them

Moving on Up Assignment (budget and crime/weather graph)
Ana- Budget
Spicer- graph
Luke- budget
Gavin- graph/budget

Mystery PowerPoint

Personal PowerPoint
Josh C.

March 12
Create your storyboard and write your script for your commercial. Plan what shots you will need and any additional media such as voice-overs, images, soundtracks, interviews.
Your storyboard/script needs to be turned in to Mrs. Schroeder at the end of class.

March 10
Begin Advertisment project

March 7

Use the first 5 minutes of class to look over your powerpoint and make sure all information is present

Unsolved Mysteries PowerPoint Presentation

March 5

Finish your Unsolved Mysteries PowerPoint

March 3

Unsolved Mysteries PowerPoint

February 28

Make sure both PowerPoints are complete!!
Transitions, animations, and photos must be present to receive full credit!

If you are finished you may get extra work to do! Use your time wisely!

February 26

Create a PowerPoint
-Choose a topic (All About You, vacation location, topic of interest, Interesting career)
-Make 7 slides (not including the title slide)
-Remember 'What not to do" when creating your powerpoint
-Include transitions between slides, at least 1 animation in your presentation, images/video where appropriate

February 23

Powerpoint Assignment
-We will watch a quick video about powerpoints and then will get started!

February 12

We are going to use Excel to create a budget with your data.
Open Excel and search for budget.
Choose the following template:
Insert your data and change any headings and edit it to fit what you have found.
Save it as YOURNAMEbudget

February 10

Create graphs for your information using the following criteria:

MEDIAN PRICE OF HOUSE: Pie Graph- include data labels (compare to Duluth at $132,673)
CRIME RATES: Bar Graph (horizontal)horizontal bar.PNG
MONTHLY TEMP AND PRECIPITATION: create a combo graph (bar/line plot)combo graph.PNG


February 5

Excel Assignment 3: Moving on Up (Handout from Mrs. Schroeder to be turned in at the end of class)

February 3

Excel Assignment 2: Graphing

January 31

*Finish Pac Man 1-4
*Finish Excel Assignment 1

January 29

We are going to start working with Excel
Excel Assignment 1 12 Days of Middle School
*Note that to change the page orientation you need to click on the page layout tab, orientation, landscape. (Step 1)

Save in 7th Grade Tech Folder under Excel Assignments

January 24

Pac Man Part 4

January 22
Pac Man Part 3

January 20th

Martin Luther King scavenger hunt

When you are finished take this quiz

January 13th

Pac Man Part 2

January 10th
Part 1 of Pac Man Game in Scratch

January 8th
  • Create a Sprite- 4 different angles
  • Make Sprite dance

Dec. 20

All crossword puzzles and missing work needs to be finished today

Missing puzzles

Josh C

Dec. 18

Continue working on your crossword puzzles.
REMEMBER TO SAVE 2 copies!! 1 WITH answers and 1 without!

Dec. 16

Work in pairs to create a Christmas crossword puzzle in Microsoft Excel.
Use the handout provided for guidance.
You can also use the internet to find examples or to help with your clues.
SAVE in the7th grade tech folder, Crossword puzzle folder as your name(s).


I am missing your Alice assignment (one object with 5 movements)

I am missing your Alice cartwheel assignment


Today we are going to create a new world- open Alice and choose whichever background you would like.

Dec. 11

I am missing worlds for the following: (They were to be saved in the 7th grade Alice folder)
Josh C.
Josh E.
Katie Lee
These need to be saved so I can view them! Thanks!

Open your Alice world.
We are going to learn how to create methods for your characters.

Dec. 9

(click on folder, computer, shared drive(S), software, Alice 2.3, Alice 2.3, Alice)
  • Create your own character using the he/she builder
    • Add object, people, scroll all the way to the end and choose he/she builder
  • Add 5 movements to your character.
  • Save as YOURNAMEworld

Dec. 6

Alice Assignment 1

Dec. 2

We are going to create book trailers about our favorite fiction story.
Today we will discuss Persuasive Advertising Techniques
Start Storyboards

Nov. 27

Thankful acrostic poem using this template

Nov. 25

I am missing posters from the following people: Andrew

You may have free time for the first 15 minutes of class. Then we will play Thanksgiving JEOPARDY!

Nov 22

Scratch Assignment #3
Broadcast Video

Broadcast Instructions

Nov 20th

Scratch Assignment #2

Nov. 18th:
Introduce yourself by making a poster using Microsoft Word
-Include information about your family, things you like to do, your favorites, etc. Include at least 3 tidbits of information in each category
10 points possible
(points will be given for details (borders, fonts, color changes, etc.), categories (at least two categories with 3 pieces of information), use of headings, overall presentation

Nov. 6th-11th:

Scratch Assignments

Nov. 4th:
View some newsletters

Oct. 30th:
  • * When you finish print off your newsletter and edit it for your self, have someone else look it over too.
  • Bring other school work if you finish

Oct. 28th:
  • Work Day

October 23rd:
  • Hyperlinks

October 23rd:
  • Textbox attributes

October 14th-23rd:

October 11th:
  • Forecast
    • Gavin
  • Word Lesson 1
    • Bryce, Katie, Will
  • Word Lesson 2
    • Josh C, Jacob, Spicer, Will, Calvin
  • Word Lesson 3
    • Chris, Isaac, Gavin, Will

October 9th:
Work day

October 2nd-4th:
  • Finish Weather Forecast - don't forget to add your customized bullets at the bottom
  • Word 1
  • Word 2
  • Word 3

September 30th:

September 25th-27th:

September 23rd:
  • Finish all your word assignments
  • Next assignment: Movie Poster

September 20th:
  • View Flyers and Makeover assignment
  • Time to finish makeover assignment

September 18th:
  • Finish: Desktop Publishing Assignment
  • If you finish
    • Work on other Word assignments first
    • Try This Quiz - you wont be graded on it, I want to see what you remember
    • If you finish - Take a Desktop Publishing packet for extra points

September 16th:

September 13th:
  • Missing Cover Pages from: Brandon, Ana, and Spicer - it is currently in the grade book as a 0 until it is saved to the correct spot!
  • Open up your cover page for grades and comments
  • Font Attributes
  • It is not graded yet so make sure it is the best you can make it.

September 9th-11th:
  • Review Ribbon parts
Create a one page print advertisement/flyer/poster for a product you would like to market or a business you would like to advertise. You will use Microsoft Word to create your document. It must fit on one page. Your ad/flyer/poster will need to meet the following requirements:
r Put your name on the flyer. Use the Header/Footer feature. Don’t forget to close the Header and Footer window when you’re done. (INSERT – HEADER)
r Place the name of the product & a slogan/saying on the ad/flyer/poster. - This can be made up
r You must use at least two different font colors (color of the text). Click CTRL – D to edit your fonts. You can change the size, shape, colors, etc.
r You must use at least one Picture. (INSERT – Picture)
r Put a border around your flyer. (PAGE LAYOUT – PAGE BORDER)
r Add anything else that is important to put on the flyer (address of business, phone number, website, etc.)
r Save the assignment in the s drive as "your name ad" - IN the Tech 7 AD folder

If you finish post a blog on a topic of your choice. It should be at least 5 sentences with proper punctuation. Respond to someone else's blog.

September 6th:
In class Assignment together:

September 4th:
Welcome to a new year!
  • Rules
  • Expectations
  • Procedures

Class Blogs
Login and password the same as last year
-new students login: first initial last name
-password: 2019

TypingWeb Typing Games: