May 17th -20th:

  • Movie Maker - start putting your illuminations together
  • If you want to add music:
  • You should at least 3 pics
  • When adding captions choose a font that you would like to use - don't use the default
  • If you need a blank page in - any color, create it in paint and save it - add it to your Movie Maker
  • After you add music to your MovieMaker you will need to save, close, and reopen to listen
  • Remember we are putting these all together as one - there is no need for credits
  • When you are completely done with your MovieMaker project you will need to choose Save Movie - Recommended for this project
  • When you are finished - Help others with their MovieMaker

May 15th:
  • Review Illumination
  • Gold - St. John's Bible
  • Search for pictures to illuminate your Psalm and meditation you composed on Wed. Save them in your P drive
  • Or create pictures if you would like
  • Intro to Gimp

May 13th:

You had homework to choose a favorite Psalm.
In your blog, compose a meditation on the psalm or a prayer based on the psalm. What does it mean to you?
We are going to create illuminations for the Psalm and your meditation/prayer using gimp.
1. giving or casting light.
2. informative; enlightening.

In the Middle Ages all books were hand-written original works of art. These “illuminated” manuscripts were so called because of their frequent incorporation of gold or sometimes silver leaf onto the page. Illumination comes from the Latin word illuminare, meaning “light up,” and when one sees one of these brilliant manuscripts in person, the term makes sense.

  1. Compose a meditation/prayer
  2. Define illumination
  3. Look at examples of illumination
  4. Search for pictures to create your illumination
  5. Use gimp to transform and create your illumination
  6. Insert Psalm, meditation, pictures into a PowerPoint
We will try to do steps 1-3 today - illuminations from the St. John’s bible - examples

May 8th-10:

May 6th:
Finish presenting
  • Put in Table of Contents
  • Finish anything that needs to be done

May 3rd:
Missing: All PowerPoints from Brandon; Assignment 2 from Josh C., Bennett, Luke; Assignment 1 from Katie -

  • Resave your PowerPoint into the folder called 1.PowerPoint Technology in the 6th grade folder
  • Let's present today

April 29th:
We will begin presenting Assignment 3 the last 10 min of class...who is ready?

  • start with Excel Basics #4
    • Read the information
  • watch the videos
  • If you download a file save it as the file name already prepared/your name in the Excel folder
    • example - lesson 7 has an Excel file to download - make sure to click enable editing on the top - save as Copy of Lesson_7_Practice_Workbook your name

April 24th - 26th:

  • PowerPoint Assignments
  • assignment 3

April 22nd:
PowerPoint Assignments
  • assignment 2

April 15th:
PowerPoint Assignment 2 - must have correct citations

April 10th:It's my birthday! If you wish me Happy Birthday, you get one extra credit point (don't tell anyone they have to read this.)Missing Word Citation assignment from: Jacob, Brandon, and MadiMissing Assignment 6 from: Josh C., Luke, Josh E., Calvin, Brandon, and AmberWork on PowerPoint Assignment 1If you are finished start Assignment 2, I will go over it in more detail laterPowerPoint Assignments

April 8th:PowerPoint about PowerPoints
PowerPoint Assignments

April 3rd -5th:*
Word Quiz
  • When you are finished make sure you are caught up on all of your assignments, take the typing test
  • Then approved sites

March 27th:*
MS Word - Review -
  • Finish through assignment 6

March 25th:*
Where and how to save files - Reading directions
  • Missing Assignment 1: Madi and Calvin
  • Missing Assignment 2: Brandon and Bryce
  • Missing Assignment 3: Jacob and Calvin; Brandon and Gavin - not finished

March 20th-22nd:* MS Word - Assignment 5

March 18th:*
  • Assignment 3 - Symbol Scavenger hunt is a directions page, please read through all of the directions
  • Assignment 4 - Citation Assignment - Make sure to do a File Save As right after you download it.
    • press ctrl and click on links to go to page in Word
    • how to use Citation Machine and Citation on Word
  • Insert tab!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 13th - 15th:

March 8th:Last day to work on any Gamestar Mechanic Assignments/games

March 6th:World Math Day

March 4th:*
Play testing
  • Giving constructive feedback

March 1st:* Those that are finished with their game take the keyboarding test.

  • When you are finished with the test play someone else's published game

  • Play Testing -
    • think about something postive to say and something constructive.
      • I thought you did a good job with/of
      • One area I think could be improved is
    • Do not ever give negative feedback
  • If you have play tested a game and given the creator Verbal feedback or you have received feedback change your game to make it even better - we will do it again
  • When you have finished the above CHECK THIS OUT:

Feb 27th:*
Keyboarding 10 min
  • Elements of Game design Review
core elements.JPG
  • Finish game by the end of today
  • If you finish play games in game alley

Feb 25th:Welcome Back!!

Feb 15th:Keyboarding - 10 min

Feb 13th:Keyboarding

  • Christopher and Amber take Scratch Quiz - you can have scratch open while you take it.
  • Elements of Game design

Feb 4th - 6th -8th:Take this first if you have not done it - Scratch QuizTake this second if you have not done it - Keyboarding Test
Try to get through quest 4
Gamestar Mechanic

Feb. 1stWork on last project due at the end of class todaySave in the 6th grade folder as project(your name)

Jan 30th:Watch stories* One last small Scratch project
  • show or tell what you like about scratch
  • show or tell what you don't like

Jan 28thFinish your story* Having the minimum requirements earns a C
  • Double check - all done and save in shared/tech
  • if you are finished go onto the resources page or work on other school work

Jan 21st-23rd:
ScratchCreate a story
  • Broadcast
  • beginning, middle, end
  • must have different scenes
  • more than 2 sprites

Jan 14:Scratch - Project for semester final - Maze
  • finish first and second level – student must at 1 more level and make an end

Jan 7th:KeyboardingScratch VideoHow to move

Jan 4th:KeyboardingLogo DiscussionIntro to Scratch

Dec. 14th:
  • Review MSWLogo for quiz on Monday
  • If time work on finishing assignments 4 and 5

Dec. 12th:

MSW Logo
  • Assignment 4 and 5 - get checked off

  • Typing Web - 10 Min, Time yourself

Dec. 10th:
MSW LogoWhat is a loop What does repcount What is a parameter
  • Logo
    • Finish Assignment 4
      • get checked off each one
    • If you finish do Assignment 5

Dec. 7th:TypingWebMSW Logo
  • Logo
    • Finish Assignment 4
      • get checked off each one

Dec. 5th:TypingWebMSW Logo
  • Logo
    • Finish Assignment 4
      • get checked off each one

Dec. 3rd:*
  • Logo-
    • How do you draw a circle?
    • What is a parameter?
    • Finish assignment 4 - get checked off after you finish each problem

Nov. 30th:*
  • Logo-
    • Parameters
MSW Logo
  • Do assignment 4 - get checked off after you have finished each drawing

Nov. 28th:*
Thank you for a good report from Mrs. Taylor!
  • Typingweb -10 min
  • Logo - new commands
    • setscreencolor
    • The to command
  • MSW Logo
  • Assignment - we are on Assignment 3

Nov. 26th:

Commands to know:
fd (number)
bk (number)
rt (angle)
lt (angle)
cs - clear screen
setpc (number 1-16) - sets pen color
setscreencolor (number 1-16)

Nov. 21st:
  • More info about MSWLogo

Nov. 19:
Explore Windows 8

Nov. 14th:
  • Typing 10-15 min
  • Computer stuff
    • Intro to logo

Nov. 12th:
  • Typing Test

Nov. 9th:

Nov. 7th:

Nov 5th:

Oct 29th-Oct 31st- Nov 2nd:
What needs to be done by Friday:
  • Keyboarding:
    • Finish through the bottom row with your hands covered
    • Take the test again (without hands covered)
  • Kerpoof
    • Create a Movie
      • Must have 3 scenes
      • at least 2 characters that talk and move
      • The movie must make sense
        • beginning, middle, and end

Oct. 26th:
  • Finish Home Row if you are not done
  • Top Row - Hands covered

Oct. 24th:
  • Starting at the beginning: Home Row - Hands must be covered

Oct. 22:

Finish watching Movies

Oct. 12th:

Kerpoof - watch more movies
American Math Challenge

Oct. 10th:

American Math Challenge

Oct. 8th:
TypingWeb-Type for 10 min
Finsh Kerpoof Movie - if done resave it as Your Name and share it with everyone
American Math Challenge

Oct 5th:
TypingWeb-Finish Homerow and Beyond
Finish Kerpoof movie - If you are done make sure that you shared it with everyone.
Take the typing test

Oct 3rd:
TypingWeb- Finish the first 6 lessons in home row and beyond
Kerpoof - Continue with your movie, if you are finished you can play around on Kerpoof.

Oct 1:

  • Finish through the bottom row
  • when you are finished work on your Kerpoof Movie
In your movie (news report):
  • You should have:
    • Who - was involved
    • What - happened
    • When - did it happen
    • Where - did it happen
    • Why- it happened, or what caused it
    • How - it happened - details

Sept. 28th:
  • TypingWeb
    • Finish through the bottom row
    • when you are finished work on your Kerpoof Movie

Sept. 26th:

Sept. 24th:
  • TypingWeb
    • you should finish the top and bottom row by the end of this week
    • if you finish you can play typing games during the time we are typing
    • make sure you log in before you start typing
  • Kerpoof- please be patient while it loads
    • How to make a movie
    • class id Q116

Sept. 21th:
  • TypingWeb- Typing Test
    • when you finish, you should at least be on the top row, if you are not continue on the home row until you are
    • You may continue on typing web or go on the the resources tab, physics games or cool math games

September 19th:
  • Computer Quiz
    • No talking
    • Make sure to click submit on the bottom when you are finished
  • When you are finished TypingWeb
    • I expect everyone to have finished the home row at least once by today

September 17th:

September 14th:
  • Important computer info

September 12th:
  • TypingWeb10 min
  • Quiz
  • Processing and Delivering information

September 10th:
  • Keyboarding - TypingWeb
  • Memory: RAM vs Hard Drive - quiz on Wed
  • Check out this wikispace when we are done

September 5th-7th: external image a7671c3058611e56c7148bb.gif

Class Blogs Login and password the same as last year -new students login: first initial last name -password: 2019

TypingWeb Typing Games: