Reminder: If you miss class check the wikispace for what you missed. If you have questions come in before or after school. It is your responsibility to make up what you missed including your blog entries.
May 23:
Last day of Tech!!!!!!
To Do:
  • Make sure you give me your flash drive to copy your final project
  • Save any files that you want to keep from your p drive or the shared drive - these will be cleaned out and deleted - to your flash drive
  • Make a comment on the home page wallwisher
  • listen to
  • Go to cool math games or other games available on the right
  • Wind up your headphones and put them into the appropriate box at the end of the day

May 13th:
Work Day

May 8th-10th:
Movie Maker -
  • Using audacity to record voice over music
  • adding music and voice to movie maker

May 6th:
Jakub - how to download music from beeMP3
How to add music to movie maker

May 4th:
Movie Maker
  • Work on your pics for your project
  • If you are finished pic out music for your project at

May 2nd:
Intro to Win Movie Maker
  • you can only use it if you have found or made all of your pictures
Final Project:
  • Story board must be approved before you look for pictures
  • When you finished finding your pics then we start putting it together

April 29th:
Final Project
Once you have your idea

April 27th:
Final Project
  • Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3

April 18th - 20th:
  • Finsh the letter to the President
  • Finish your letter to Mr. Benson

When you are done: go to
  • This is a wiki from a school in Duluth, they are trying to get 1000 answers each month for a specific topic
  • Click on April - Click on Edit this page and scroll all the way to the bottom to answer what you do to keep yourself, others, and our planet healthy. You can get ideas from others that are listed - list up to 10 - no more - click save when you are done
  • Click on May - follow that same directions as above - answer things that you are going to do during the summer months - click save when you are done

If you are finished with all of the above:
  • Publisher

April 13th-15th:
No Blog
  • Continue your letter to the President
  • If you finish print it out and have a neighbor proof read it and make you corrections
  • Print out your final copy
  • If you are finished with all of the begin another business letter in the same format to Mr. Benson about something you would like to see change or happen at our school - this should be three paragraphs - an introduction, an explanation paragraph, and a conclusion paragraph

April 11th:
Blog: no blog
Go Over Test

April 6th:
Finish Quiz - Use your resources before asking me!

When you finish:

April 4th:
Blog: No blog
Class Review
Logo Quiz

April 1st:
Blog: Open

Logo Assignment

March 30th:
Blog: No blog

March 28th:
Blog: No blog

MSWLogo - Creating ploygons, Learning the repeat command, How do you draw a circle?
Logo Work - Follow along as we work through the assignment together.

March 25th:
Blog: no blog

Intro to MSLogo

March 23rd - March 21st:
Blog: When you are finished with your PowerPoint Me Blog about PowerPoint- what you liked, didn't like, was it easy or hard to use, etc. What else would you like to know? Also mention if you think you would use this program again.

Same as March 16th
If you are all caught up test out your programming skills with these games

March 16th:
Blog: No blog today

PowerPoint: Computer Profession - continue with this
Remember - on the very last slide include the websites that you used to get the information

For a C: Include everything the assignment tells you to.
For a B: Include more: i.e. pictures, wordart, animation, transitions, more info about the job
For an A: Include what B has and a lot more detail. - make it professional looking - (not a lot of cartoon clipart)

March 14th:
Blog: What do you want to be when you grow up? Will this profession use computers in anyway? If you can't think of anything what are you interested or thinking that you might like to try when you get older?

PowerPoint - You Me Project was due on Friday - if you have not printed it out do so by following the directions from below
-Post a picture of your favorite slide on your blog - use the snipping tool to save it as a picture

PowerPoint - Computer Profession
- due by next Monday

March 11th:
Blog: Open - can't think of anything? Blog about the basketball team.

  • Finish your Me Project and remember to print when you are finish MAKE ALL SLIDES FIT ONTO ONE PAGE
  • Click File - Print - Choose the Computer Lab Printer - If you can't find it you need to click on Add Print - Find Now - Choose the one that says Brother Computer lab
  • Change where is says Full Page Slides to 9 Slide Horizontal
If you are finished - Use the snipping tool on your favorite slide and post it into your blog
-Check out Scratch on your computer and see how it works with Win7

March 9th:
Blog: Open topic

  • adding custom animations
  • printing
Finish Me Project and print - 9 slide horizontal

March 7th:
Blog: Talk about your weekend and respond to someone elses blog.
  • Assignment: PowerPoint Me
  • Color Backgrounds, gradients, pictures
  • rearrange slides
  • slide transitions

March 4th:
Blog: No blog today

Continue to look through Windows 7 - check out the snipping tool, sticky notes and the Desktop Gadget Gallery.

Assignment: PowerPoint Me
  • Text boxes - Font - size, color, style
  • Insert pics or clipart

March 2nd:
Take time to explore Windows 7 today - check out the paint program - check out the MS Office programs
Blog: What do you notice that that is different and similar to Windows XP and Office 2007? What do you like so far? What do you think might five you troubles?

Presentation: What not to do with PowerPoint
Assignment: PowerPoint Me Project

February 28th:
Blog: No Blog today

Intro to PowerPoint

Today is World Math Day

February 23rd and 25th:
Blog:How did you show your school spirit this week?
Missing Top Ten Lists from:
  • Taylor
  • Casey
  • Nick
They must be saved in the tech 6 folder for credit since they weren't printed out.
Missing Symbols from:
  • Taylor
  • Casey
  • Jenna
  • Jakub
They must be saved in the tech 6 folder for credit.
Assignment: MS Word

February 21st: Welcome Back
Blog: Talk about anything you want
Assignment: Symbol Scavenger hunt

Blog: No blog today
  1. Work on glog
  2. finish your certificate - print it out hand it in
  3. Top Ten List save it on shared drive
  4. World Math Day ****

February 9th:
Blog: What are you plans for break.
  1. Work on glog
  2. finish your certificate - print it out hand it in
  3. Top Ten List
  4. World Math Day

February 7th:
Blog Topic: No blog - lucky ;)

  1. Internet Safety Glog - Make sure you have used or defined all the words on the list and have working link for full credit - Most of you do not have all the words in your glog - proofread your finished glog- check the grading rubric to see what you are graded on - and the Internet Safety link on the left for words you need to include
  2. Certificate - finish your certificate if you are not done - and save in the tech 6 folder on the shared drive - Print out a copy and hand it in with your name on it
  3. If you are all finished with both practice for World Math Day

February 4th:
Blog Topic: No blog

Whole class - MS Word Stuff - how to make a Certificate in word

Assignment: Finish Certificate and print

February 2nd:
Blog Topic: As a class - how to put your glog into your blog

Whole class - intro to MS Word

Assignment - using word

If you finish:

January 31st:
Blog Topic: None

Glog Due Today!
  • make sure you have all the definitions on it
  • make sure it informs readers about the dangers online hand how to avoid or deal with them

January 28th:
Blog topic: How do you like Glogging so far? What have you done?

Continue with assignment from Wednesday

January 26th:
Blog Topic: Open
To do:
  • Katie Blogs from Friday and Wednesday
  • Lauren and Emma blog from Wednesday
  • If finished log into your Glog
Whole group: How to link something on a Glog

  • Click on the internet safety link on the left
  • Create a glog that informs us about the dangers online and how to avoid or deal with them
  • Read the requirements and the guidelines
  • Use the links on the glog under where it says resources for information or search on your own for information
  • The due date is Monday, Jan. 31, you will have today Friday and Monday to work on it
  • If you finish make another glog

January 24th:
Blog Topic: In your blog choose a topic we discussed and either support or debate it. Copies are on the table.

Whole Class: Presentation - Glogs

January 21st:
Blog Topic: Should school have been cancelled today? Why or why not?

Whole class: Technology Presentation

January 19th
Finish Blog Response from Monday
Sheets are one the table
Blog topic: What are some warning signs of an Online Predator?

Whole Class - Cyberbullying Presentation.

January 17th:
Whole Class - Being Safe Online - Presentation
Online Predators
Assignment: Blog response

When You Are Done:**