Good Luck with finals this week!

January 5th, 7th and 10th:
Final Blog: What did you do for your final project? What do you like about Scratch? What was difficult? - Must be at least 5 complete sentences. Worth 15 pts.
Scratch - Work on Final project - If finished save it to the shared drive with your name(s) in the title so I know who created it.

If you are finished work on other homework or try these sites: - to design the interior and exterior of a house - an easy beginning programming game
Or any of the links to the right.

Happy New Year
January 3rd:
Keyboarding: Using the shift key for capital letters with the opposite hand - Lesson 7 Review, Intro, RTMW

Scratch: Final Project Due before next Friday - Make sure it is saved in your P drive
If Finished - Try Starlogo

December 15:
No Blog
MS Word - How to do an APA Paper

If Time Scratch

December 13th:
Class Discussion
Scratch Project

December 10th:
Keyboarding: Lesson 6 Intro, RTMW

Scratch: Final project discussion, Proposal for project due
Search and for project ideas

December 8th:
Keyboarding: Lesson 6 Intro, RTMW

Scratch - discuss final project used the Scratch Website for ideas

Whole class: Scratch tutorials Scratch 3, Unit 3

Brain storm game or interactive story for final project

Proposal for project will be due on Friday

December 6th:
Keyboarding: Lesson 6 Review, Intro, RTMW

Scratch - work on any project you need to finish - save it to the tech folder with your name as part of the title.

December 3rd:
Keyboarding: Lesson 6 RTMW

Scratch - Final day to work on Story Telling Assignment - Save to tech folder as your name
File-save as-computer-s-tech 6-Story

December 1st:
Keyboarding: Lesson 6 - Intro, RTMW

Scratch - Tirzah and Lydia save yoru Turkey game in the Tech 6 folder

Story Telling - 3 act play, continue working on this

November 29th:
Keyboarding: Lesson 6 - Review, Intro, RTMW

Scratch - Tirzah, Zach and Lydia save your Turkey game as your name into the shared drive Tech 6 folder

Whole Class - How to make sprites have a conversation
Assignment - Create a 3 act play using scratch

November 22nd:
Blog: How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Create a Scratch program that animates a turkey
-Is your turkey going to say something?
-How is it going to move?
-Is it going to be a game or a story?

Must include:
  • Changing backgrounds
  • Changing costumes
  • More than one sprite
  • One sprite must be created by you
  • One sprite must be able to move using the arrow keys
  • One sprite must broadcast and another sprite must receive the broadcast
Save it to the shared tech folder

November 19:
Keyboarding: Race to make words


November 16th:
Keyboarding: Lesson 5, review, Intro, Race to Make Words
Whole Class: Scratch - creating games

Individual: Create a mini game in scratch

November 15th:
Keyboarding: No Keyboarding Today, log on - open scratch and turn off monitor

Whole Class: Scratch - changing effects of sprites, adding sounds - changing backgrounds - movements,etc.

Individual: Create a program that changes the background

November 10th:
Keyboarding: Lesson 5 - Intro, RTMW

Whole Class: Making sprites animated

Individual: Create an animated sprite of your own

November 8th:
Keyboarding: Lesson 5: Review, intro, RTMW

Whole Class: Scratch presentation, creating scripts together

Individual: Create your own programs and scripts and get them checked off

November 5th:
Keyboarding: Lesson 4 - RTMW

More Scratching to do

November 3rd:
Keyboarding: Lesson 4 - Intro and RTMW - 10 Min
Whole Class - Creating a program in scratch
  • Making a program on your own following instructions

November 1st:
Keyboarding: Lesson 4 - Review, Intro and RTMW 10min

Whole Class: What is Programming? What do programs do?
  • Intro to Scratch
  • Game examples in Scratch
When You Are Done:**