May 25th:
Enjoy your last day of Tech
Make sure your blog is finished

May 23rd:
TeacherCode 28DEED
  • Finish blog
  • Sign Dr. Benson's Yearbook
  • Watch our Illumnations movie

May 20th:
  • Blog: About the school year, highs and lows, fun things and not so fun things, your favorite parts and your not so favorite parts, and what your plans are for this summer.
  • Make a short stop animation film
  • Gamestar Mechanic

May 14th:
  • Movie Maker - start putting your illuminations together
  • If you want to add music:
  • You should at least 3 pics - except for Jared and Will
  • When adding captions choose a font that you would like to use - don't use the default
  • If you need a blank page in - any color, create it in paint and save it - add it to your Movie Maker
  • After you add music to your MovieMaker you will need to save, close, and reopen to listen
  • Remember we are putting these all together as one - there is no need for credits
  • When you are completely done with your MovieMaker project you will need to choose Save Movie - Recommended for this project
  • When you are finished - Help others with their MovieMaker

May 11th:
  • When you finish making illuminations start putting them together in Movie Maker

May 9th:
  • Start making your illuminations using Gimp

May 7th:
  • Intro to Gimp

May 4th:
  • Review Illumination
  • Gold - St. John's Bible
  • Search for pictures to illuminate your Psalm and meditation you composed on Wed. Save them in your P drive
  • Or create pictures if you would like

May 2nd:
You had homework to choose a favorite Psalm.
In your blog, compose a meditation on the psalm or a prayer based on the psalm. What does it mean to you?
We are going to create illuminations for the Psalm and your meditation/prayer using gimp.
1. giving or casting light.
2. informative; enlightening.
In the Middle Ages all books were hand-written original works of art. These “illuminated” manuscripts were so called because of their frequent incorporation of gold or sometimes silver leaf onto the page. Illumination comes from the Latin word illuminare, meaning “light up,” and when one sees one of these brilliant manuscripts in person, the term makes sense.

  1. Compose a meditation/prayer
  2. Define illumination
  3. Look at examples of illumination
  4. Search for pictures to create your illumination
  5. Use gimp to transform and create your illumination
  6. Insert Psalm, meditation, pictures into a PowerPoint
We will try to do steps 1-3 today - illuminations from the St. John’s bible - letter illuminations example - more examples

Apr. 30th:

Apr. 25th-27th:
  • PowerPoint- Finish by Friday
  • If you are finished - Save it to: Shared/Tech 6/PowerPoint as "research your name"
  • Ribbon Hero
  • If you finish Ribbon Hero

Apr. 23:

Apr. 16th-18th:

Apr. 13th:
  • Finish your PowerPointME

Apr. 11th:

Apr. 4th:

Apr 2nd:
  • Use today to finish anything that you are not done with in MS Word!
  • If you finish:
    • Gamestar Mechanic
    • Scratch
    • Resources Link

Mar 30th:
  • Mrs. King will be your sub for the day
  • MS Word - Download your test here:
  • Work on it to the best of your ability
  • If you are stuck skip and move on to the next one
When you are finished:
  • Work on any word assignments you have not finished
  • Gamestar Mechanic
  • Scratch
  • Resources Link

Mar 28th:
MS Word - Review Day - Test on Friday

Mar 26th:
MS Word - Assignment 5
  • Make sure you are caught up on all Word assignments

Mar 23rd:
Work Day - Finish MS Word
Game Design write needs to be handed in
Double check to make sure you game is submitted - if you used Gamestar

Mar 21st:
Finish your assignments for MS Word first
Scavenger hunt

Mar 19th:
MS Word

Mar 12th - 16th:
  • Finish up projects for the StemChallenge -
  • The write is not due until Wednesday
    • Print it out and have someone edit it, then turn it in to me
  • When you are done:
    • Edit your Paper
    • Review your game, make any changes if needed
    • Have someone (try to have at least three people who is done or needs a break) play your game and give you feedback
      • consider the feedback, and decide if you want to change something
    • Submit your game
    • Turn in your finished and edited paper
    • Play on Gamestar - finish the Missions if you are not done

Feb 27th - Mar 7th:
  • A Challenge
  • I encourage you to use FireFox
  • If you finish and are ready to submit, write out your Game Design in Word.
    • Write down everying that relates to the Game Elements:
      • The Space - The look and feel of your game
      • The Components - The different parts like sprites, avatars, blocks, enemies, etc
      • The Mechanics - The actions, walking, jumping, turning, shooting, collecting, etc
      • The Goals - What are the players trying to achieve to win the game (shoot all of the enemies, collect a certain amount of coins....etc) - what is the object of the game
      • The Rules - How should the game be played
  • It is World Math Day today

Feb 13th:
  • Typing Test - concentrate on accuracy
  • Continue with Gamestar Mechanic Quest - If you have finished work on making a new game.

Feb 10th:
  • Typing web - Bust a Capital Letter or Word - If you finish once do it again with your hands covered. -About 10 minutes
  • Review some key terms
    • perspectives
    • Game Design Elements and balance
    • How to review a game - before starting your quest - try 3 different games and review them
  • Work on your quests on Gamestar Mechanic
  • If you want a break take the last 7 minutes and practice for World Math Day

Feb 8th:
  • Typing web - Bust a Capital letter - or word if you have finished
  • Play Josiah's first published game here - Our Games
  • Gamestar Mechanic

Feb 6th:

Feb 3rd:
  • Work day - Save final project as your name in the Scratch final project folder

Feb 1:
  • One last Scratch project
    • Create a project that describes:
      • What you like about scratch
      • What is difficult
      • What you would like to learn more abou
    • This is due at the end of class on Friday

Jan 30th:
  • View projects

Jan 18th:
  • Work Day

Jan 16th:
  • Typing Test
  • Plan for final project

Jan 13th:

Jan 11th:
  • Keyboarding
  • Maze

Jan 9th:
  • Keyboarding
  • Scratch - Maze
  • Watch pass it on

Jan 6th:
  • Pass it on! Start with the number three after the one you started with!

Jan 4th:
  • Review Scratch projects
  • New Scratch Project - Pass it on

Jan 2:
  • Review scratch projects
  • Parallelism

December 16th:
  • Scratch!!!!!
  • Save to scratch folder in Tech 6

December 14th:
  • Typing test
  • Scratch

December 12th:
  • Typing - 10 min
  • Scratch
    • Talk about the broadcast command
    • About Me Project

December 9h:
  • Typing - 10 min
  • Scratch
    • About Me project

December 7th:
  • Typing - 10 min
  • Scratch -
    • review movement
    • adding sounds

December 5th:

December 2nd:
  • Quiz - Use all your resource - what does this mean?

November 28th-30th:
  • Typingweb - 10 min
  • MSWLogo
    • Repcount
    • Random

November 21st:
  • Typingweb 10 min
  • MSWLogo
    • finish assignment 4
    • If you finish assignment 4 try these commands and play around with them
    • REPEAT 1000 [ FORWARD 10 RIGHT RANDOM 360 ]
      • REPEAT 45 [ FORWARD REPCOUNT * 5 RIGHT 144 ]
      • END
      • REPEAT 100 [ FORWARD REPCOUNT * 2 RIGHT 91 ]
      • END
      • SQUIRAL

November 18th:
  • Typingweb - 10 min
  • MSWLogo
    • Parameters and Polygons - Assignment 4

November 16th:
  • Typingweb - 10 min
  • MSWLogo
    • how would you make a circle?
    • the To Command

November 14th:

November 9th:
  • Typingweb - 10 minute
  • MSWLogo
    • What is a polygon
    • Repeat command

November 7th:
  • Typingweb - 10 minute
  • Intro to MSWLogo

November 4th:

November 2nd:
  • Typing Test - Start Right Away! No Talking
  • When finished - Lightbot

October 31st:
  • Keyboarding – first 10-15min
  • Intro to Programming

October 26th:
  • Blog
  • Kerpoof - Movie MUST be finished today!!
  • Keyboarding - Finish Bottom Row
  • If you are finished check out Tux Paint on the computers

October 24th:
  • Check your blogs for comments from me. If you don't have a comment from me then you got full credit.
  • Blog
  • Keyboarding - Begin Bottom Row - Hands Covered (38% complete)
  • Kerpoof - Movie must be save so group can watch by the end of today

October 19th:
  • Keyboarding - Finish Top Row with hands covers
  • Watch some more of your awesome movies in Kerpoof - make sure when you save it you click on share with your class

October 17th:
  • No blog this week
  • Keyboarding Top Row - Hands covered
  • Kerpoof - Watching movies - make sure your movie is shared for the class to see

October 14th:
  • Blog
  • Keyboarding - Finish home row
  • Kerpoof

October 10th - 12th:
  • Blog Topic: Kerpoof - how is your movie? What do you like about it? What do you think you could improve on?
  • Keyboarding - back to the beginning, hands are covered starting with the home row - go until you are 38% complete
  • American Math Challenge

October 7th:
Blog: Finish from Monday
Keyboarding - Finish the first 6 lessons in home row and beyond
Kerpoof Movie

October 5th:
  • Blog:Work on topic from Monday
  • Keyboarding - Finish the first 3 lessons in home row and beyond
  • Kerpoof Movie

October 3rd:
  • Blog - open topic
  • Kerpoof Movie - Example of Humpty Dumpty
    • Remember you are a reporter - you are not remaking the story
    • Start over if you need to
    • Use the Fairy Tales story line for characters (you might be able to use In a Far Away Land story line)
    • Make sure you save it so everyone can view it when you are finished.

September 29th:

September 28th:
  • Finish blogging from Monday
  • Home Row, Top Row, and Bottom Row must all be finished
  • Break from keyboarding. . . . .wait for instructions given

September 26th:
  • Keyboarding test
  • Finish Through bottom row if not done
  • Blog
  • Resources Page

September 23rd:

September 21st:
  • Quiz
  • Typing Web - Begin Bottom Row

September 19th:

September 16th:

September 14th:

September 12th:

September 9th:

September 7th:
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-new students login: first initial last name
-password: 2018

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